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Our Story

It all started with a diaper bag!

We are a husband and wife from New Zealand and have been traveling and living in Europe for the past 10 years. 

The logistics of traveling long haul solo or with a partner is hard enough but after we threw a baby in the mix all of a sudden life got real – and traveling home from Europe to New Zealand became that little bit more challenging. 

We started to learn on each of these 35-hour journeys how important it was to organize everything our baby needed, and each time we got a little better at it than the last. Eventually, we reached the point where we felt the biggest thing we could do to improve these extremely long trips was to improve our diaper bag.

We had tried multiple bags but they just didn’t suit our needs. We had them all stuffed to the brim but we couldn’t reach half the contents easily, or the largest bags we could find were so unfashionable they were not really a good crossover bag for the day trips we did when traveling. 

Bottle holders were too small, pockets didn’t open both ways, the straps were uncomfortable, the list was endless. 

So we got to work and we have designed what we hope will be the best and only baby bag you will ever need. We thought about every single angle and every situation. 

We were joined on this journey by a couple of good friends and together we formed the Baby Bandit family, where we have made it our mission to help make parent’s lives a bit easier and stress-free when traveling and looking after their little ones. 

With our high-quality products, you can also look good doing it!